Office of the Municipal Manager

  • Planning and development
  • Internal audit
  • Risk management

Technical Services

  • Roads and storm water
  • Solid Waste
  • Project Management
  • Mig

Community Services

  • Traffic
  • Refuse Removal
  • Parks and Recreation
  • Libraries
  • Cemetries

Corporate Services  - Summary   
The purpose of the existence of Corporate Services Department is to provide the entire municipality with administrative support services i.e. human resources, administration support and records management, legal services, training and development and information technology services to ensure efficient and effective service delivery by core departments.

The department is comprised of 5 units and is responsible for the following key functions:

  1. Provision of administrative support and records management.
  2. Provision of all aspects of human resources administration
  3. Provision of training, development and employment equity
  4. Provision of legal services
  5. Management of information communication technology
    • HR
    • Legal Services
    • IT
    • Administration and Records
    • Training Dev & Employ Equity   

Budget and Treasury

  • Budget
  • Supply Chain
  • Revenue
  • Expenditure
  • PMS Management

Council Support

  • Communication
  • Special Program
  • Inter-Government