Vision and Mission





The Mamusa Local Municipality together with the community strive to create a balanced integrated and sustainable environment through socio-economic upliftment, the promotion of economic opportunities, growth and job creation and the improvement of access to affordable infrastructure and social services to be shared by all in a healthy and safe environment Mamusa Municipality is committed to provide basic services in an affordable manner to its people by:

  • Providing and maintaining affordable services to communities;
  • Promoting Socio - Economic development;
  • Ensuring the efficient and effective utilization of all available resource; and
  • Ensuring that there is effective community participation in the provision of municipal services.  

The Emblem of Mamusa Local Municipality

  1. The Mealie Heads shows the importance of Mealies and Farming in general.
  2. The Diamond represents the historic Diamond Mining.
  3. The Eleven Plates (Canon Balls) represents the Seige of Massouskop.
  4. The Mural Crown Represents the Safe Grading of the Town.
  5. The Two Supporting Steen Buck is typical of the Old Western Transvaal. Moto: Respice, Aspice, Prospice Means: Look at the past, Present and Future.